The Gioacchini Art Gallery was born in Ancona in 1975 thanks to a brilliant intuition of Giancarlo e Stefania Gioacchini.

They soon established themselves as one of the most important art galleries on the national scene.

Personal exhibitions of the greatest artists of the moment follow one another over the years: Baj, Botero, Cassinari, Guttuso, Licini, Mattioli, Migneco, Morandi, Morlotti, Sassu, Tamburi, etc.

On 2 August 1999, the Gioacchini family inaugurated a second branch in Cortina d'Ampezzo.

Giancarlo e Stefania Gioacchini
Francesco Gioacchini

Me, Francesco Gioacchini, I graduated in Architecture in 1999 at the Milan Polytechnic. I immediately enter the gallery full time. Since then a lot of apprenticeship and experience in the field.

As of today my style has given the gallery a more contemporary imprint.

But, as then, the common thread is to offer only works by great masters.

In recent years, works by Boetti, Chia, Clemente, Cucchi, De Maria, Haring, Paladino, Pignatelli, etc. have been exhibited.

Nel 2022 apriamo un ufficio a Milano.

Se avete opere di arte moderna e contemporanea che volete vendere, contattatemi.